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Many potential customers are on the internet, still trying to learn more about what they need. Many people depend on social networking sites to gather information, and our Social Media Marketing campaigns are designed to target this market. In addition, social media users have extended networks where additional untapped potentials can be brought into your network.

Capture your audience on high-traffic social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Through engagement, you become visible to a very large number of potential customers who are looking for information on the products and services you provide.

All campaigns include the following:

  • Market Research
  • Skin / Fanpage and/or Cover Photo Design
  • Content Research and Integration (pictures, videos, audio)
  • Custom Fan Page Programming
  • Custom Facebook Tabbed Landing Page
  • Network Building

For a more active social medida engagement campaign, the following can be added to your package:

  • Comment / Conversation Management
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Messaging Campaign
  • Facebook Ads management

Please contact us at 405 310 8599 for pricing information and to discuss the campaign combination that is right for your website and business goals.